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Research and Development areas 

By following our mission and vision we at Naval Vision are putting our energy and effort into the research and development of seven different maritime categories. 

R&D Areas -

As we are working on current projects and jobs we are at the same time developing and innovating in different naval architecture areas connected to the maritime industry. 

boat 1.png

We at Naval Vision are developing our own series of different types of recreational boats. With each new product, we are delivering new innovations to the market and our customers. Each of our products must be better than the best one that is currently on the market in that category, if it is not we are not putting it in production. 
We are innovating and improving our products in all aspects, but some of them are structural configuration, arrangement, sailing, and propulsion systems.   

vessel 1.png
submarine 1.png

Subsea solutions

Subsea research and exploitation,  in our view, is still in its early stage and it is grate and prosperous area. Our mission is to develop new products for subsea exploitation and improve the existing solutions. All mentioned while taking into account sustainability and marine conservation.

solar-energy 1.png

Floating solar energy systems

Alternative energy sources are as important as ever and renewable energy is playing a major role in this area. We are investing our knowledge in order to position ourselves on the market.  With that, we are developing our own products and are contributing to research and development in the area. 

buoy 1.png

Maritime solutions

There is a lot of products and areas which can be improved and to which it is possible to make a contribution with the right resources. One of these areas and products are the buoys for data collection and the buoys for monitoring the seabed and the sea surface. We are developing our own range of products in this area and are looking forward to entering other similar areas.

boat 1 1.png

Electric vessels

In order to preserve the environment and the whole planet, it is necessary to change vessels propulsion systems from oil fuels to electric. Our goal is to implement battery storage and electric propulsion system on our vessels and in the future to develop our own batteries and with that whole propulsion systems.   

Group 1603 1.png

Autonomous sailing systems

Autonomous driving is the future and so is autonomous sailing we are working on developing autonomous systems and our goal is to implement them on our product/vessels. 


We are always open to different kinds of collaborations in our described R&D focus areas. But also in the areas that nevertheless we can give our contribution to. 

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