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Seventy-one percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered.

Water connects the world and is allowing us to trade to feed and to explore. It is presenting vast area of opportunities of which most yet need to be identified.  

To identify future opportunities we are taking

the bigger perspective 

take it with us and Join us on this journey 


We are ona a mission

To constantly keep finding the boundaries of our knowledge and skills. 

Exploring possibilities of developing systems and products that will push these boundaries further. 

Following our mission is allowing us to explore further into the seas and oceans, to experience them in different ways, and to create deeper synergy between our civilization and our planet waters. 

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Our core definitions

Main focus

Our expertises are all areas connected to maritime industry. Especially design and development of vessels and related product.  


Internal projects

Our knowledge and skills are also used for development of internal project which goal is to always push boundaries of products design and performance. 


Design and development

We are covering and offering areas from individual naval architecture design services up to development of whole vessels designs. 


Nurturing innovation 

While working on big project and series of products we are nurturing innovation through creating startups and pushing innovating projects.  

One purpose 

Behind all our definitions, mission and vision there is one purpose and that is to create the best possible product for our customs. 

You are our starting and ending point.

New opportunities
We are always open for new projects and new partnerships. If you have idea or would like to cooperate we would like to hear from you:

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