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Ship design 

We are developing ship designs for all types of transport and special-purpose ships. 

In most cases we are working on the whole product development cycle but if necessary are also working on special parts of the scope.

Main ship types we are working with


Cargo ships

Some of the ship types in this category that we are working with are:

Container ships, 

Bulk cargo ships,


Catile ships,

Chemical tahnker, and Oil tankers

Passenger ships

In this category, we are working with a range of ships: from small Day trip ships to Cruise vessels and Passenger ferries

Fishing vessels

As in other categories we are working with all types of ships that are related but we can  specifically mention Trawlers  

Special purpose

In this category we can mention :

Supply vessels,



Pilot ships,


Cable layers,

Semi-submersible ships and

Navy ships

Main aspects of our ship design



Our main focus in designing merchant etc., ships is on functionality. We are pushing capacities, efficiency and comfort especially in a case of passenger ships.



In a case of our merchant ships design is subordinate to functionality of the ship. With that design supports functionality in a areas of maneuvering, air and water resistance, capacity, weight etc. 


CO2 emissions

One of the most important aspect of the new ship design is their EEDI number or in another words CO2 emissions. We are implementing in our designs newest technologies and techniques in order to design a ships with the lowest possible CO2 emissions. 

Ship design process

Initial design

Basic design

Detail design

Building phase

Completion and

Operational support

In the initial design phase, we are developing fundamentals for whole ship design. Client specifications and requirements are followed in this first design cycle. Main technical specifications are developed alongside naval architecture aspects, design, etc.

The basic design phase is used for the development of all naval architecture aspects of the ship alongside equipment, machinery, etc. Basic sets of drawings are developed.

The ship design process is in the final stage and in this phase drawings for the shipbuilding are developed (detail drawings). 

In this phase, we are working closely with the shipyard and are supporting the shipbuilding process in order to deliver a standardized quality product. 

For the finalization of the project, we can support clients with full requirement analysis in which we are verifying product requirements. 

We can support ship through the whole product life cycle with operational support through digital twin services alongside other analyses and checks. 

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