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External project Cat 42ft

Project 42ft catamaran was an external order from South African catamaran building company S.T.Y.. The company needed a catamaran in 42ft class that will be able to compete with the biggest names in the industry. 

Description of a boat

The catamaran is 12.8 meters long (LPP) and has a length of 13.2 m (LOA). The breadth of the vessel is 6.8 m and with these dimensions, it has the unique ability to provide comfort and performance characteristics. The whole design process was focused to combined these two and extracting the most from comfort and performance. 
Because of mentioned, each part of the catamaran structure and hulls is calculated for local strength and each part has its own laminate schedule. This hard but detailed method has provided builders the amazing opportunity to built lighter catamarans than the competition with the same comfort opportunities. Hulls and a good part of aft and fore exterior design were cared out by Darin Majnaric while other parts were mostly designed in collaboration with the shipyard. 


LOA = 13.2 m
PP= 12.8 m 
B = 6.8 m
Light displacement = 10 t
Fuel tank capacity = 600 l
Fresh water capacity = 600 l
Engine Power (Hp): /
Propulsion: Sail drive 

rhino render side view png.png


Special attention was put into the aft cockpit area with connected passages and steps which is open and spacious because of interior and structural design, also catamaran aft space features a single-level concept that stretches from the aft platform to the saloon.

Great ergonomics was achieved by detailed planning and execution with which excellent use of space and ease of circulation on board was achieved. 


Building process

All necessary drawings both basic and detailed were provided to the shipyard with a list of suggestions on how some parts should be built in order to achieve stronger and at the same time lighter construction. Consulting services were provided throughout the whole construction period. 

2021-06-03 Building process -out mold_3.jpeg
2021-05-05 _11.jpeg

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