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Passanger ferry

Description of the ship

This new world passenger ferry designed by Darin Majnaric stems from a combination of the natural flow of lines above sea surface and functionality.
The first in the range, the Vision 62 offers the key to a new art of transporting passengers.



Masculine profile with a tighter and sportier appearance singles out Vision from all other passenger ferries. As evidence can serve a modern hull shape with a rounded bow and descending deck. Hull theme is also represented in the prominent area of the wheelhouse.
Passengers have access to a large amount of light and environmental influences through the large side windows.


Vision features an all-around view from the wheelhouse which allows extraordinary oversight of surroundings and easy control. All stern events such as boarding and disembarking can be monitored live or checked by the captain.


The main feature is the possibility of installing batteries in specifically prepared areas that can be used for propulsion purposes. The vessel has been designed so that the deck area can be covered with solar panels along with other small patches through a ship. 


The ship is intended to be built from composite materials which will allow small mass and with that reduced fuel/energy consumption.


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