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Naval architecture

Specialised naval architecture analysis combined with practical marine expertise.

Our services are broadly categorized into three categories 


We are  provideing expert naval architecture  services for all types of vessels and for ally types of problems

Floating structures 

We are  provideing expert naval architecture  services for a whole range of permanently moored floating structures 

Fixed structures 

We are provideing expert  naval architecture  analysis and structural check services for a whole range of fixed offshore structures

Exclusive Services

Our extensive range of naval architecture services allows us to support your vessel, floating structure of fixed structure from start to finish on any project or for any individual service requirement.

FEM - Finite element method

One of Naval Vision signature and most asked for  service is finite element analysis (FEA), which is used to calculate a structural potential stresses and displacements.

We are using this advanced analysis tool, from complex structures of the whole ships or floating and fixed structures to the detailed local structural parts.


CFD - Computational fluid dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is attractive tool for analysis of hydrodynamic characteristics of marine structures and vessels. CFD simualtions are highly accurate and precise and are allowing us to obtain a data and results of ship resistance, flow around structures, etc. in short time periods. 


Hydrostatics and stability

We have extensive experience in stability analysis which can be used to ensure the compliance of marine designs  with various international regulatory, statutory, and classification requirements. We are running asalyses and calculations for intact and damaged states and also for range of different requirements like: Inclining test, Flooding simulation, Hydrostatics and capacities, Flooding simulation, Offshore structure stability, etc. 


Weight calculation 

Calculation of marine product weight in order to obtain an estimation can be done in different project life cycle stages. We are calculationg weight best on the created 3D model or on the input data recived form the project. 



Vibrations are representing big risk for new and old vessels and other marine products, as they can introduce damage to the structure and equipment, and also discomfort to people on board. Because of mentioned vibrations must be predicted and controled in the early stages of projects which we are able to do with high accuracy. 


Structural calculations

Scantling calculations also known as structural calculations are the stress and strength assessment of the structural composition. Calculations are based on rules and standards of any classification society or certification organization that our client needs. 


Arrangement development

General arrangement plans and other arrangement drawings can be developed separately or in combination with 3D model and product design. 


Design development

Exterior and interior designs can be created in early project stages and are developed further with the progress of the project.  In other cases, we are completely developing the design before the start of the project. We are providing our clients with sketches, exterior and interior render, images, and videos that can be used for visualization of the project, marketing purposes, etc.  

For Naval architecture services 

Let us know about your ideas, projects or needs that we can assist you with 

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