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Maine engineerin services

Marine engineering focuses on a vessel’s machinery, auxiliary systems, piping heating, and other systems for various marine products.

Our marine engineering can include main engines and auxiliary prime movers, generators, electrical systems, solar panels, cargo heating systems, vapor control systems, cargo transfer systems, ballast systems, fire main systems, potable and freshwater systems, and sewage systems, etc.

Specific marine engineering services

Main services

Main Engine Specification

Piping Design

HVAC System Design

Secondary services

Systems Engineering / Integration

Drive Train Design

Propulsion System Specification

Propulsion System Design

Propulsion System Integration

Auxiliary System Specification

Auxiliary Engine Specification

Auxiliary System Design

Auxiliary System Integration

Electrical System Design

Electrical One-Line Diagram

Electrical Load Analysis

Cargo System Design

Cargo Pump Specification

Crane Specification / Integration

Winch Specification / integration

A- and H-Frame Design

Fuel System Design

Exhaust System Design

Hydraulic System Design

Our marine engineering department is working closely with our naval architecture department and is usually developing the same projects, with that we are able to cover whole ship design development. 

For other projects, our marine engineering department can work separately on the services mentioned above.

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