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Floating solar panels

Solar power is one of the major contributors to generating green electricity. It is an essential component for reducing carbon emissions. We are developing whole projects and components for floating solar panels which can be used on all water surfaces. 

Floating solar proces services


Project development 

We are running the whole project from the initial phase to the building phase. Some steps are initial site analysis proposed, project planning, design, and development.


Engineering and Construction

We are leading engineering and construction and are developing projects by ourselves or in combination with our partners.


Project structure 

We are dividing project in three stage; initial stage, project development and execution. In initial phase we are setting up the project that is than developed and realized. 


Operational Management

Our projects can afterwards be managed and monitored by our inhouse solutions.

Floating solar panels can be developed for custom purposes and can be integrated into the surrounding environment.  

They can be placed even in tourist destinations and small water surfaces. 

Everything that is needed is a good assessment and you will be presented with a few solutions. 


We are your most trusted partner for floating solar panels systems and installations.

Our work is standardized and of high quality based on years of experience and on the focused team behind it. 

We will go with you through the whole process and will continue to support you afterward.

For floating solar panels projeccts and R&D

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