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Boat design 

Naval Vision boats are designed, engineered, and build with one goal and that is to exceed set operational and design requirements. 

Based on that foundation and approach we are designing whole range of recreational and commercial marine industry work boats.

Tree main aspects of our approach to boat design 



Exterior and interior designs are created based on futuristic simple lines which are improving boat functionality and ergonomics while obtaining rememberable and classic design style.


Our recreational boats are designed to deliver maximum comfort and space. Most usable areas are designed to be multifunctional for which we are putting time and energy to create innovative solutions. Areas on workboats are used to deliver maximum workspace and operational movement. 



All our boats have great seakeeping and maneuvering abilities. We are designing light boats with a strong structure that can sustain heavy loads and work conditions or high speed and bead weather. 

Naval Vision is developing each new custom boat or boat series according to in-house standards and CE or other certification or classification society standards.


We are guaranteeing the best design approach which is resulting in the best product for our clients.

Boat types in our repertoire


Recreational boats

Which is including: sailing and power catamarans, power boats, sailing boats, custom design boats, unique boats, and fishing boats 


Work boats

We are designing and developing all kinds of work boats such as small passenger boats, chanal and river boats, fishing boats, cruiser boats, and all other types.


Navy patrol boats

We are proud with our ability to develop navy boats and partol boats. We can develop all types of navy boats for all purposes, and we can also work on research and development of new types for military purposes. 

Discover what we can offer to you 

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